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What Is Pi Xiu?

Pi Xiu is a Chinese spiritual animal that helps its owner to bring good luck & bring in more money every single day!

What Can Pi Xiu Do For You?

  • Luckier in gambling
  • ​Unexpected windfalls
  • ​Make more money more easier
  • ​Have more luck
  • ​Attract people who will help you
  • ​Better jobs and careers
  • ​More income opportunities
  • ​Job promotions and better prospects
  • ​Close more deals in business & sales
  • ​Anything relating to money & finances

Who Can Harness Pi Xiu’s Power?

Anyone who can wear Pi Xiu and harness its powers, regardless who you are or where you are from.

You don’t have to be a Chinese to harass Pi Xiu’s powers even though Pi Xiu is from the Chinese culture.

Beautifully Designed

This powerful luck-attracting wealth bracelet was created by our top Feng Shui Experts in China for aesthetics as well as function.

Quality Material

Beside having Pi Xiu, the rest of the bracelet is made of black obsidian, known for blocking out negative energy with a special protective shield for its wearers.

Extra Power From Wealth God

All the material involved in creating the wealth bracelet are also blessed by grandmasters in charge of the biggest Chinese Wealth God Temple in Singapore, a country known to have huge number of millionaires.

One can only wonder why ;)

Blessed By Top Shui Experts

Our Feng Shui experts will perform a special ancient ritual to invite Pi Xiu, this powerful financial spiritual animal into each and every bracelet before we ship it out to our readers.

A powerful ritual that actually makes the bracelet into a powerful money-attraction tool for its wearer, not just for show.

Usual Retail Price Is 49 USD

And you can claim ONE for yourself for FREE as our new member.

This powerful wealth bracelet is 100% yours for FREE!

You just need to pay $14.99 for shipping + handling.

Raving Reviews From Recent Members

Today I want to share this amazing news! I wasn’t expecting my boss to give me much in pay increase due to the current world events. However, I not only got a promotion, I was given a 25% pay increase! Thank you Pi Xiu so much!

 - Chris P.
As a professional gambler, I do everything I can do to bring me more luck. A chance upon this was definitely lucky! I have been winning more in the gambling tables.

Still can’t believe you guys are giving these away for FREE practically.

 - William T.
2 weeks into wearing the bracelet, I already won about $150 in playing Scratch Cards! Amazing, I have never even won anything before.

- James S.
Just received the item today, I can literally feel the positive energy emitting from this amazing wealth bracelet when wearing it! I will report back when I have good news.

 - Jance W.
I got this as I was starting a new business. After wearing this for a month, my business is actually doing well with profits! Amazing OMG!

- Amy T.
I wasn’t expecting much since this was a free bracelet. But after I received the item, I have to say the item looks quality and I can feel good things are coming soon.

 - Anna R.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the shipping?
The shipping usually takes 14 to18 working days. It also depends on where you are. Additionally, due to the current world crisis, it might take longer. We apologize for any delay.
What if it didn't work?
We are 100% it will work, it just a matter of how long, that's why we have an amazing 368 days money back guarantee, which is longer than one year.
I am not Chinese, can I use this?
Yes, you can wear and harness Pi Xiu's powers even if you are not Chinese. Religion is not a factor as well. Anyone can wear this.

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